Posture Form Contour-Cure Pillow $149.00

Memory Foam

The ultimate pressure-relieving sleep material. Extremely breathable and moulds to your patient’s body shape for continued support. It provides support for the spine, maximising relief for the head, neck and shoulders.

Contoured comfort

Pillow contour provides support for the spine, maximising relief for the head, neck and shoulders.

Removable insert

A 2cm removable layer which can be added to the bottom of the pillow, effectively providing four potential pillow heights in one.


Made from materials that repel dust mites and reduce allergies, making them ideal for asthma sufferers. The materials are free of any harmful substances such as phthalate, lead & BPA.

Bamboo Cover: Each Posture Form pillow is fitted with a soft, removable and washable eco-friendly bamboo cover which naturally absorbs moisture, eliminates odours, reduces allergies and inhibits the spread of dust mites and mould.

Exclusive to Practitioner Range: Posture Form pillows are classified as ‘medical aids’ and are GST free – they are only available through healthcare professionals. You will not find them for sale in bedding shops, department stores, similar retailers or online. They are truly exclusive.

General Purpose Massager $99.00


  • The General Purpose massage is more powerful with a 30 watt commercial grade motor. It is extremely easy to use and capable of a wide variety of tasks, ranging from relaxation massage through to specific deep work. For a little extra it is a perfect choice.
  • Three specialised heads, one rubberised for comfort, one for high penetration over a large area, and one smaller head for localised massage.
  • It has a long ergonomic handle for getting to those hard to reach areas, which makes it perfect for self-massage. It also has a sliding variable speed control so you can completely tailor the massage to your individual needs.

Chiropractic Ice-Aid $16

Reusable Cold/Hot Pack

 A reusable cold and hot pack.

Freezable * Microwavable * Non-Toxic.

Cold – for pain relief, muscle spasm, sprain, strain, bruises. Also for headaches, toothaches, minor burns and insect bites.

Heat – for stiffness, muscle cramp, osteoarthritic pain and muscle tension.

– Every house should have Chiropractic Ice Aid for immediate relief.
– For cold therapy simply place in freezer compartment at least 1 hr prior to use.
– For heat therapy simply place in microwave for short time or place in hot water.
– Chiropractic Ice Aid is endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of Australia.
– Ice Aid comes with complete instructions on use and contra-indications.

 Pocket Physio $10

Pocket Physio - JarPocket Physio - Hand

The Pocket Physio is a simple, effective tool developed to help people suffering from the symptoms of muscular tightness, easily locate the source of their pain and release the specific muscle tightness causing it.

Trigger points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured or overworked. They are defined as localized areas in which the muscle and connective tissue are highly sensitive to pain when compressed

Pressure on these points can send referred pain to other specific parts of the body. Commonly a cause of most joint pain, Trigger points are also known to cause headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Pocket Physio has be specifically designed to relieve the muscular aches and pains associated with these areas. It can also assist with the restoration of motion to joints following injury.

Pocket Physio Max $20

Just like the Pocket physio but larger for easier Trigger pointing of Lower limbs and Gluts

Pocket Physio Max- RedPocket Physio Max- HandPocket Physio V Max

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